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Hello Everybody!

Posted June 12th, 2011 by Admin

After running around the world and catching enough symbols with his neural net the author finally put them together in a wonderful collection for everybody to see.  Please read and enjoy the all the letters, punctuation marks and other wonderful symbols provided only to serve for your pleasure.  You might get a sense from time to time that a particular symbol might not belong in a certain place and you can make a post about it on the forum, but the author might ignore it because you are probably wrong.  There is also a sense that you might get that you were indeed right about your comment and that the author also knows that you are right but might still ignore it.  There is yet another sense that you might get that the author is actually eating a delicious peanut butter sandwich or perhaps making an attempt at earning a living wage despite the cost of the weighty load of the various free/too cheap educational website projects that were taken on, but you can feel free to ignore that.

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